Kalib Watson

Hello! I'm an Accessibility Engineer from Michigan who loves creating interactive and accessible experiences.


Kalib from the shoulders up, standing in a yellow fall forest

I'm currently an Accessibility Engineer at WebstaurantStore opens in a new tab, but have worked across many different positions in web development and accessibility. I have a passion for creating useable, accessible, and beautiful digital experiences that have a positive impact on others lives.

Skills I've Learned

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • React
  • Jest
  • Typescript
  • WCAG 2.1
  • Git and Github
  • React Native Accessibility

Skills I'm Learning

  • Cypress
  • React Router
  • People Management
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List Application

JavaScript, React, HTML, CSS

This list app is one that I built to teach myself React.js without following a tutorial. With this project, I explored the fundamentals of React on my own.

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Donnie the Donut Cloud

C#, Unity

Donnie the Donut Cloud is a game I made for the Mini Jam 56 game jam, with the themes sky, doughnuts, and warfare. The game was made solo over the course of one weekend.

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JavaScript, PHP, HTML, CSS, WordPress

Sherlockian.net is the central repository of information for Sherlock Holmes fans across the globe. I was the Web and UI Developer for the team that manages the site.

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Radical Shorthand

JavaScript, HTML, CSS

Radical Shorthand is a digital book published in 2018 which explores the underlying discrimination in social media platforms. I helped the editorial team update the web pages for release.

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